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    Sell more cars,
    20% Faster

    Perfect Intergration

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    Consistently utilize your auto sales process, generate more applications, 20% faster

    Enable your staff to consistently apply the car buyer sales process, executing all the steps from the first buyer inquiry, to test drive, to purchase, and onto post purchase auto services.

    Centralized, Ubiquitous Potential Car Buyer Lead Capture, Respond 2X Faster

    Capture and track all potential car buyers whether from automotive portals, "For Sale" sites, newspaper/magazine ads, referrals, or walk-in and drive-by prospects.

    Intelligent Auto Buyer Lead Assignment with Performance Based Re-Assignment, Increase Pipeline Speed by 20%

    Automatically distribute online car buyer leads / prospects based on your business process. MetroLeads supports customized methods such as round robin, sales team hierarchy and availability, brand assignment, vehicle type, and/or lead source. Additionally, MetroLeads supports further redistribution based on follow-up, or double teaming a single car buyer.


    Convert Conversations (written or oral) to Auto Purchase Pipeline steps, Win 20% More Deals

    Automated Engagement and messaging to potential car buyers across all communication channels to engage and nurture for showroom visits, test drives, price negotiations and purchase. Follow up post purchase communication for service and promotions.

    Insights and IntelliSearch for Where to Engage, Close More Auto Purchases, 20% Faster

    With IntelliSearch, MetroLeads enables car sales team lead insights to determine what actions and engagement to take, moving the prospective buyer to the next step in the sales process.


    Hyper-Personalized Engagement, Create Personal Relationships to close more auto purchase deals and reduce walk offs.

    With hyper personalized outreach via email, texts, and WhatsApp, MetroLeads delivers direct engagement to reflect the specific auto model, features, when, what car and with whom they test drove, and the desired next purchase step. Personalized follow-up in the context of previous engagements maintain the momentum and keep the car buyer relationship active.

    Convert conversations into
    pipeline advancement. Close more auto purchases, 20% Faster