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    Your sales process will no longer be the same again!

    Meet the first UNIFIED, OMNI-CHANNEL sales automation and engagement application (SEA) called Metroleads. With workflow automation, omnichannel communication and real time actionable insights - MetroLeads enables a single Engagement platform for any type of Omni-Channel outreach.

    Connect Conversations, Advance your Pipelines and Win more Deals, Faster!

    Engage and nurture leads across all engagement channels customers use to communicate both offline and online, voice, video calls and WhatsApp sequences all in one unified view.

    Insights and IntelliSearch

    Real-time, on-the-go analytics, and insights enables informed decision making at all levels in your sales hierarchy.

    Convert Voice and Video contact into sales pipeline advancement

    Leverage Playbooks, Insights and Next Steps for maximum effectiveness. Maintaining engagement context is a mandatory to achieve desired sales outcomes.

    Intelligent Lead Assignment

    Automated lead assignments, allocate leads based on events, geo location, products or services, campaigns and  team availability.

    Hyper-Personalized Engagement

    Create Personal Relationships to close more deals and reduce churn. Generic automated marketing and sales engagement with non-personalized emails, texts, WhatsApp etc. is old school and not what Millennials and GenZers respond to.

    Sales Process Automation

    Enable sales process consistency, generate more revenue 20% faster. Sales is 80% Process, 20% the individual.