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    Do not just settle for Telephony, Go for VOICE instead!
    VOICE enables you to Engage more, Sell more!

    Welcome to MetroLeads Voice

    What is Voice?

    Voice is not Telephony, but much much more!

    Telephony is making and receiving random calls. Calls have phone numbers – for the caller and recipient, durations, and a disposition – answered, missed, voicemail.

    Voice is two or more people Engaging in a Conversation via a Call. Engaging is communicating to convince, affirm or solve a problem.

    A Conversation is an engagement taking place across a never-ending combination of communications’ channels (Omni-Channel): telephony, video calls, SMS, email, WhatsApp, and social media.

    Voice systems must provide Conversational insights and analysis (call heuristics, etc.) to guide the user as what to do/say next.

    Beyond Voice: Converting voice conversations to outcomes.

    MetroLeads Voice filtering based on data must includes Voice Communications. Not only do you need to know the customer’s specific data, like what’s the customer is looking for, but also how did your past communications go, and what did they result in, and this too must be a part of your data analysis.

    A Voice system, like MetroLeads Voice, also lends itself to Conversational AI paired with Virtual Assistants. This enables real, hypersonalized conversations to augment human conversations. A personalized voice reminder, a confirmation of an event/appointment, a clarification of a submission, or even taking an order verbally instead of the customer having to enter it manually into an app/web browser.

    Introducing - Metroleads Voice

    Engage More, Nurture More, Sell More with Metrovoice

    Our state of the art could based telephony solution Metrovoice helps you deliver business growth, drive scale and the best customer experience

    MetroVoice is an innnovative solution for Hosted Call Center Management offers Inbound and Outbound calls with features like Automatic Call distribution, Call analytics, Call Recordings and it is seamlessly integrated with Metroleads. The most comprehensive cloud telephony solution for anytime anywhere communication and egagement.

    What Metroleads Voice Offers?

    MetroLeads Voice can be conducted via MetroLeads and/or using a separate app, mobile phone, desk phone, or headset. MetroLeads Voice has 3 telephony options: Cloud VoIP/SIP | GSM Mobile Hosting | On prem SIP or GSM Mobile.

    What you get with Metroleads voice?

    Metroleads Voice options

    Cloud VoIP/SIP

    MetroLeads Voice Cloud Service can be used for 1 users or 10,000 users. It is a global, borderless telephony service which can be used for domestic and international calling. Phone numbers are available from 90 countries and calls can be answered and initiated from anywhere in the word, only an Internet connection is required.


    MetroLeads Voice GSM Service provides enterprise class capacity to a single mobile number. Receive 100 plus calls on a single mobile phone number. Supports inbound and outbound calling with full capabilities mentioned above. This is a BYOSC (Bring Your Own SIM Card) service, so the mobile number is yours.

    On Prem SIP or GSM

    MetroLeads on Prem Voice Service offers Cloud telephony on your own cloud, and supports both landline or GSM Cards. The service is truly Cloud based with all the benefits of management and configuration a Cloud Service offer. Our On Prem offering supports several trunking options and can be combined with VoIP/SIP for international calling and depending upon your local telecom regulation, even local VoIP/SIP calling.