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    Conversion from Enquiry to Lease, 20% Faster

    Elevate the user experience throughout the process, from Enquiry, to Booking, to their stay.

    Perfect Intergration

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    Advance your co-living prospect's journey from enquiry to Lease Agreement, Lease more space, 20% faster

    Define, execute and monitor your co-living prospect's journey starting with the point of first contact, through the application process, background check/credit history, apartment or property tour, personal record verification and finally booking.

    Centralized, Ubiquitous Enquiry Capture, Respond 2X Faster

    Capture Leads from Multiple Marketing sources be it online (Website, Social Media, Landing Pages, Leadgen ads) or offline (Newspaper, Pamphlets, Leaflets, For Lease Sites etc). Reduce the Enquiry TAT to less than 10 mins

    Intelligent Auto enquiry Assignment with Performance Based Re-Assignment, Increase Pipeline Speed by 20%

    Automatically distribute online Lessor leads / prospects based on your business process. MetroLeads supports customized methods such as round robin, sales team hierarchy and availability, Property based assignment, City based, and/or lead source.

    Additionally, MetroLeads supports further redistribution based on follow-up, or double teaming a single Lessor.


    Engage and Nurture Enquiries via omnichannel communication and get a 360 degree perspective

    Get a 360 degree perspective of the enquiry while nurturing it via omnichannel communication mediums like call, email, SMS and Video conferencing.

    Get Insights about Enquiry Pipeline and Also figure out anomalies in process. Rectify them to drive to signing a lease agreement.

    Empower your sales team to make effective decisions and precise forecasts of Property visits, Lease bookings and collections. With predefined data points and real-time analytics, MetroLeads supplies effective reporting and analytics for management to make well informed decisions.


    Convert conversations into
    pipeline advancement. Close more auto purchases, 20% Faster