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    Proactive Patient Engagement & Management, Improve Patient Preparedness & Patient Outcomes

    Appointment and follow-on scheduling, Single and recurring proceedure scheduling, Taking proactive steps for wellness, Patient preparedness for doctor visits and procedures, Education to deal with health conditions.

    Perfect Intergration

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    Increase patient journey effectiveness by 10%, for wellness care, illness or chronic conditions.

    Proactive patient management for wellness care and/or medical conditions to create an engaged and informed patient journey.

    MetroLeads enables easily providing patient education materials while setting expectations, and enables medical staff to proactively drive patient preparedness for visits and treatments.

    Route patient engagement to appropriate medical staff automatically based on office, condition, type of request, etc. Increase staff productivity by 20%

    MetroLeads can route and capture patient responses and engagements across all leveraged communications channels to the assigned medical staff, with automated responses and appropriate material for patient education, wellness care, and patient care preparedness.

    Multichannel patient engagement across the appropriate medium for the conversation.

    Initiate, receive and capture patient responses across voice and video calls, email, text, WhatsApp, and personalized voice-bots for both proactive patient outreach and inbound patient requests.


    Leverage patient journey experience data to develop insights to optimize patient participation and preparedness supporting making informed decisions faster

    With MetroLeads, medical staff gain insights on patients interactions, educational material dissemination, wellness care journey and patient preparedness status for visits and treatments.

    Patient Engagement with personal specifics as appropriate for well care, conditions and patient preparedness, improve in person consultation effectiveness, patient satisfaction and outcomes

    Each engagement via voice-bot, voice, video, video call, email, text or WhatsApp is contextual and reflects where the patient is in the journey. MetroLeads uses the context to determines the particular next engagement or visit with specifics about their current step.

    MetroLeads personalizes follow-up in the context of previous engagements, appointments, and treatments to maintain the patient relationship.


    Convert conversations into
    pipeline advancement. Close more auto purchases, 20% Faster