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    Metroleads launches MetroMeets to help businesses tackle COVID-19

    Yes, it’s official now. It’s a lockdown. COVID-19 has forced us to go completely undercover and have no physical human contact. Working remotely has become the new norm. And rightly so, for our own safety and well being. 

    This pandemic has presented new business challenges by the day affecting cashflow, uncertain revenue, customer fall out and also internally, with an anxious team unsure of what the next day will bring. In the wake of the current global crisis, “seamless” communication either through chat, telephone and video chat can help us stay strong and continue productively working until the situation improves.

    We can’t predict when that will be, so, today we decided to help our customers grapple with this new reality. We’d like to introduce ‘MetroMeets’, fully enabled and secure video calling solution deeply integrated with the core of Metroleads.

    What’s so different about it than other video calling services you ask?
    • IT IS FREE. No hidden cost.  And, FULL Featured without those annoying limits present in other free subscriptions.
    • No limit on time usage. The meetings can extend more than 45 minutes. Let’s get real, no meeting finishes on time.
    • No limit on the number of participants. Metromeets can be used for online training, inductions, webinars, town hall meetings without the fear of running out of participant slots.
    • Share your screen, record sessions, and use it to reach out to customers too.
    • Highly secure calling enabled with pin number and password. The host can share the pin number and password for participants to join.


    We ourselves use Metromeets for all our stand-ups, meetings and customer engagement.

    We are offering Metromeets free of charge to our customers in these difficult times. Our engineers worked day and night to bring this feature to life, realizing we are all in this together. We are also happy to extend this service to meetup groups, startups, developer/designer/sales/hr/ communities. Please get in touch with  for registration

    Let’s support and take care of each other. Stay safe.

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