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    6 Big Benefits of a Mobile CRM To Boost Sales and Productivity

    When Siebel created the CRM mobile market in the late 1990s with “Siebel Sales Handheld,” other manufacturers quickly followed suit. The impact it made on business was instantly recognizable. It meant you were no longer tied to desks and could run your business on the move.

    After two decades, mobile CRM has grown into a gigantic industry. According to research from Future Marketing Insights, the mobile CRM industry will grow at a CAGR of 13% between 2019 and 2029. That’s a clear indication of how businesses are adapting to customers’ need for faster responsiveness.

    So, what advantages do mobile CRMs offer a business? Let’s have a look.

    Real-time coordination for better productivity

    A mobile CRM facilitates better communication between departments, improving coordination by assigning specific tasks to teams based on their areas of expertise. It also makes it easy for all employees to access every file at any given time. For instance, imagine your marketing team has just wrapped up a few email marketing campaigns. They can upload the results onto the CRM, and the sales team can view it all from any device or location. A mobile CRM enables you to take action in real-time and keeps you ahead of the curve.

    Increase engagement with customers through team collaboration

    The key to providing customers with a meaningful experience is to use integrated communication and the appropriate tools for effective engagement.

    During the sales life cycle, a single customer may engage with your sales, marketing, and support teams, demanding an intuitive, adaptable information-sharing platform accessible to all your teams at any time. A truly mobile-first CRM enables you to offer the latest products, services, and deals to customers as well as integrate social media, which can considerably boost engagement. Whether you’re on the road or working from home, having mobile CRM software gives you the flexibility to reach customers seamlessly in an instant.

    Amplify sales with intuitive tracking

    A mobile CRM is meant to enhance mobility. Having a mobile app can boost sales by enabling you to track progress and get updates wherever you are in the world, saving much time and effort for sales reps.

    With a mobile app, they can easily look up contact information or go through notes to recollect their most recent conversation with a prospect on their phones. Less time spent looking for information means more time spent engaging with customers and building relationships. This is particularly useful when sales teams travel to meet new or prospective clients where a mobile CRM allows them to enter notes on their interactions instantly. Remember, improved productivity means shorter sales cycles.

    Offers personalization in multiple ways

    The ideal state of play for any business is knowing exactly what your customer wants and giving it to them. That’s what a mobile CRM makes possible.

    It tracks and organizes all you know about a client, including the history of all your interactions with them as well as auxiliary data like demographics. Armed with this data, it’s easier to build a personalized program for each interested, potential customer. Having access to customers’ account history, as well as product information, pricing, and promotional materials at all times enable organizations to complete more transactions and enhance total deal value. Also, generalized sales pitches can be replaced with customized messages built utilizing data from your CRM system.

    Work remotely and across devices

    Sales and marketing teams often work from different devices. They might carry their tablets for in-person meetings but update data from a laptop.

    A mobile CRM software is built to allow dashboard access on the go, get into meetings with a simple click-to-call button, and access updated information 24/7 with data synchronization. Whether you’re WFH or working from a coworking hub, a mobile CRM system is built to facilitate uninterrupted transitioning on and off the field.

    Enhanced data accuracy

    Data is captured through various channels – email, handwritten notes, voice notes, etc. The more the sources, the higher the possibility of inaccuracy.

    With a mobile CRM system, employees can change appointments on the fly, update customer preferences, submit proposals, etc., wherever they are. The capacity to capture data in real-time reduces inaccuracies and saves much effort.


    Mobile technology has undeniably altered the face of business, sparking new business models and sectors, empowering customers, and offering new possibilities for efficiency and productivity. Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

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