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    5 Marvelous Ways To Increase Efficiency and Save Time With CRM Integrations

    As per a 2016 LinkedIn report, 64% of companies find CRM to be extremely impactful in building relationships, selling, and being productive. Increasing efficiency does not simply mean recruiting more salespeople. Streamlining your processes and workflows, and eliminating time-consuming tasks might work better. This can be easily done using a CRM.


    Here are 5 ways in which CRM can help your business elevate your efficiency and save a lot of time.

    Elimination of unproductive repetitive tasks

    Manual and repetitive tasks are never productive. A CRM can pare down the time spent on these kinds of necessary but unproductive tasks and something that takes over five minutes can be finished within ten seconds. With automated processes, employees can focus more on core sales resulting in improved efficiency while mitigating errors. Multitasking becomes possible without the possibility of missing crucial steps and meeting sales targets gets easier.

    Standardization of sales process

    A 2015 study showed that companies with a well-defined sales process enjoyed an 18% growth in revenue. Automating the sales process can help identify various bottlenecks that otherwise go undiscovered. Sales staff can also overcome one of their toughest challenges – filtering out low-potential leads and identifying the right prospects.

    Identifying quality leads earlier in the process shortens the sales cycle, and allows sales staff to reach their maximum potential. With a CRM, sales processes are also easy to track and opportunities that have become stuck at a certain point can be discovered and resolved, reducing the lead turnaround time. For example, why are clients increasingly losing interest? Why was a purchase not completed? Monitoring your transactions gives you better control over the sales process enabling informed decision-making to enhance customer lifetime value.

    Integration with other tools

    Integrate your emails, calendar, calls, and SMS along with digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Google Ads. Once you’ve connected these applications from various sources you can simply use the CRM API for a convenient, single dashboard view and save time spent in switching among multiple applications. This can considerably reduce inconsistencies and delays, and iron out the crinkles in your workflow too.

    Another advantage is the ability to integrate and update different modules of the CRM with a particular customer’s preferences or orders. This makes it extremely easy to gain a full picture of customer requirements at one glance.

    Seamless connectivity and access

    A CRM software can track your clients right from the time they are prospects, along with their issues and requests. You can also remotely access your CRM, which enhances productivity. It enables rapid response times while dealing with emergencies, irrespective of where you are. A CRM allows you to access real-time inventory, sales history, and other product-related information anytime, anywhere, which considerably reduces delays.

    Flawless data management

    Data drives everything today. And there’s so much of it that it can get overwhelming even for the most experienced professionals. A CRM can take that load off your hands. Structuring all the customer data you gather in an organized, accessible manner can have a lasting impact on your profitability. Use customization fields to your advantage. Minimize the presence of superfluous data and use the search fields to pull up any information immediately.

    Plus, the ability to store all the information in one place makes it easy for your sales team to know the exact action they need to take with each client.


    A CRM’s key advantages are its intuitiveness, simplicity, and seamless integration. Too many businesses spend time organizing information and working with multiple applications. Why waste time when a CRM can do it all?

    Struggling to manage too much data and too many applications? Metroguild can help. Integrate any marketing platform or app and have custom automation set up for faster turnarounds. Call us for a demo today.

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