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    5 Benefits of Integrating On Premise Telephony With CRM and How It Increases Sales

    On-premise telephony is an essential part of infrastructure that businesses of all sizes often overlook. It’s a valuable business asset that can help your company take on a more personal tone, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve greater sales while saving your hard-earned revenue.

    For example, installing on-premise SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking systems might appear complicated compared to cloud telephony but it’s a better choice for enterprises to structure their internal and external communications.

    Here are five benefits of integrating an on-premise phone system with your CRM.

    Win your customers’ hearts

    Integrating an on-premise system like SIP with your CRM ensures a smooth and delightful customer experience, lightning fast responses and streamlined management. It’s easy to install and it replaces traditional wired connections with virtual ones using your existing IP networks to merge voice, video, and messaging, immensely slashing your costs.

    You can also easily monitor conversations between customers and your sales teams and decide appropriate interventions in advance. This is especially important if you want to reliably engage with your customers in real time as the phone system easily integrates with the CRM to capture all the data.

    CRM integration will also give you other features like call recordings or voice note attachments. You and your customer also benefit from shorter waiting times, higher call capacity with strong uptime, and overall sharper call quality.

    Full control of data and enhanced security

    One of the best things about on-premise telephony is that you own and control your data. You don’t have to worry about leaking or losing customer information, which could lead to costly consequences for your business. Integrating on-premise telephony with your CRM assures your customer too that their data is safe, which builds trust and transparency. Having an on-premise phone system means you’re not depending on third-party vendors or businesses for data storage thus reducing your risks.

    On-premise telephony provides enhanced security for your company’s data, as well. A study from IBM and Ponemon says that the average cost of a data breach to a company amounted to US$ 3.86 million in 2020 and in 2021 it rose to USD 4.24 million, the highest in 17 years. The added layer of security provided by your own phone system will be completely worth it when you think of those numbers.

    Reduced operational costs

    On-premise telephony allows you to substantially reduce your total cost of ownership while allowing you to scale easily and cost-effectively. In fact, we’ve seen that installing our on-premise systems helped customers reduce their OPEX by at least 30%.

    There will be a one-time expense to set up the system on your premises and after that you benefit from its very reasonable operating and running costs. Premise-based hardware comes with all the essential features you need and you don’t need to worry about being hit with extra charges down the line.

    Take a feature like a GSM gateway for instance. Essentially, it’s a system that allows you to expand your communications lines without the hassle of restructuring your existing system. Moreover, you completely own the equipment without a recurring fee unlike in cloud-based telephony, and substantially reduces calling costs too.

    Fully trackable system with agility and mobility

    On-premise telephony provides a fully trackable system with the agility to facilitate a flexible workforce and mobility to ace every customer interaction. Integrating our systems to their businesses, customers reported that they were able to improve their efficiency by over 25% and achieve full transparency in the process, as well.

    With the ability to connect to your CRM with APIs, a premise-based phone system comes with a wide range of features that includes flexible and intelligent call routing, remote maintenance and upgrades, and customized individual user control. The system can blend in with your existing CRM software and can be customized across multiple sites without disturbing the controls you’ve already set.

    Improve lead management and never miss leads

    Capturing leads and distributing to appropriate teams is a major challenge for many businesses. Integrating your CRM with on-premise telephony makes this exercise a breeze with advanced automation features like precision call routing and centralized control for efficient lead management and better customer support.

    As sales cycles become more complex, it’s important to have a unified communication system to make sure that all of your leads are captured and categorized appropriately. With on-premise telephony you have real-time visibility over key metrics like missed calls, user patterns, number of answered calls, etc.


    Having a fully integrated on-premise telephony system with CRM has the power to speed up your sales by eliminating communication bottlenecks and improving customer relationships. Maximize ROI by enhancing security and transform your business by building a dynamic and powerful communication system with the latest technology. It’s worth the investment.

    Worried about your OPEX? With Metro Guild’s on-premise telephony and intelligent CRM systems you can easily slash your costs and magnify ROI within months. Try us out, connect with us for a demo today.

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